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My online design portfolio is intended for viewing by prospective employers, who may request to view my work via the contact form.

Thoughts on Design

“Creating visual communications is akin to building a bridge connecting a message with an audience. Through planning and support, the bridge stands; the message carries across. When lacking, it falls. Design is a solid foundation that empowers a message to reach its intended audience, not across board or steel, but spanning multiple media.”

Design Director

Wearing the mantle of Design Director, I manage the creative process, ensuring that deliverables yield results that are creatively-excellent, mission-centric, and technically-proficient. The process I employ keeps my team inspired and organized, and fosters an environment of camaraderie, idea creation, and best practice to provide the maximum reach for our collective efforts.

Design Practitioner

Hands-on as a Design Practitioner, I provide companies and organizations with exceptional creative strategies and implementations that promote brands, products, and services. I champion such communications—through the visual disciplines of identity, interactive, print, mobile and Web design. My work has received numerous awards within employer’s fields of industry and garnered top honors from design competitions.

Web Developer

Embracing a second passion as a Web Developer, I possess strong coding practices that adhere to Web standards (separating content from presentation), and utilizing such languages as HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript libraries (jQuery), I create responsive websites (with media queries). I'm familiar with modern frameworks, such as Bootstrap and Foundation, as well as CSS preprocessors (Less and SASS), and have implemented site designs into commercial and open source content management systems (CMS).

Design Portfolio

An online design portfolio is available for viewing by prospective employers. You may request a link to my work by clicking the “Portfolio Request” button below and indicating your request on the contact form. There you’ll find works arranged by “projects”, rather than by a specific design category. I’ve arranged it as such since today’s marketplace requires varying design disciplines, and projects often include some form of identity, interactive, print, mobile and/or Web design (including wireframes and code) in their iterations. You’ll find these disciplines represented throughout the projects found in the portfolio.

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Disclaimer: Please note that all of the contents found on this website are copyright and reproduction of any kind is strictly prohibited without the prior express written consent of Chris Duncan and/or the companies and organizations for which these designs have been created. Visual design, layout and code may not be reused without permission.

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